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Jon Carter
Jon Carter, Cartoonist, 4/18/2014   Comment now  
Judith M. Myerson
Judith M. Myerson, Technologist & Author, 4/18/2014   Comment now  
In the fourth and last blog of our series on the relationship between SaaS and IaaS, we look at security challenges faced by Hadoop platforms for IoT data.
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani, Market Researcher, 4/17/2014   Comment now   15 comments
Financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting were not disrupted by the winds of change blowing from SaaS in its early stages. The storm of the great recession, however, has brought a period of endemic volatility, and shaken enterprises into frequently assessing short-term performance against the backdrop of a long-term plan.
Most recent post, Kishore Jethanandani, 4/18/2014 4:26:01 PM
@William: Yes, I agree with you that sentiment for tax reform is bubbling up and...
Mary E. Shacklett
Mary E. Shacklett, Blogger, 4/16/2014   Comment now   14 comments
Nearly every application today is Internet-facing, whether it is a legacy application or an application accessing cloud services. Scenarios like this make network performance a highly integral element of overall application performance, especially for SaaS providers that live and die by the cloud, and depend on a robust wide area network (WAN).
Most recent post, Mary E. Shacklett, 4/17/2014 11:34:21 AM
Absolutely. This is what makes QoS such a challenge.
Kim Davis
Kim Davis, Editor, 4/15/2014   Comment now   9 comments
What do you think about first when making business decisions? Profitability, compliance, or security?
Anita Karvé
Anita Karvé, Principal, AlphaNova Group, 4/14/2014   Comment now   23 comments
Microsoft may have gotten most of the productivity spotlight recently with its much-anticipated -- and long overdue -- Office for iPad release, but Apple did its best to steal some of that thunder with a refreshed version of its own software package.
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Video Blogs
Fighting Fires With Algorithms

3|20|14   |   2:29   |   (11) comments

Pierre DeBois takes a look at the potential of open data initiatives.
Video Blogs
Google, Nest & the Internet of Things

3|12|14   |   2:46   |   (34) comments

In January, Google purchased Nest, a startup focused on connectivity in the domestic environment. What does this mean for the IoT?